The Unboxing Experience


The first thing you may notice about your package from Rex Rector Apparel Inc is that no detail has been spared.


The satin ribbon that matches the color of the tie is in a perfect bow. The gold letters on its case pop as the pulled ribbon falls to the ground. As the box is opened, your fingers might brush along the faux suede lining the inside. This is what luxury feels like, and it doesn’t stop there. 
 Two cards rest on top of the tissue paper. The first card will tell you a story of a man who also wears the tie that you have just received. The second card tells you about your purchase that just became a part of a donation to the Prostate Cancer Centre.

The gold crown seal holding the tissue paper wrapped around the tie breaks open, revealing a gift.


A gift that we want all of our customers to feel when they open a tie from Rex Rector.The feeling that they are important.Taking a Rex Rector Tie out of the box is more than just that just opening a package.



It’s knowing that you are worth impressing.

Rex Rector Apparel Inc.